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Uroh! Uroh! Welcome to this website which has been created to show and display arts and crafts by Mwanusians all over the world. May it be music,videos,films,drawings,paintings or sculptures.It will also include some legends and stories about Mwanus and its people.

 The colour brown represents the inland people and the blue represents the island people. The Chauka bird is only found in the Manus province. It is not found in any other place in PNG. The chauka bird heralds the coming of dawn and signals the going down of the sun BUT often warns us of dangers. It also informs us whether the hunting trip will be successful or not. And of course the NBC Radio Station in Manus had become "Maus Bilong Chauka" several years before. The other important symbol on the Manus Flag is the green snail. Like the Chauka, the green snail is unique to the Manus province.

  (Food for thought!) ah!ah!ah! Maus bilong yumi isave pairap nating olsem Chauka i save krai long moning na apinum na wok, em nogat tru. Na wok bilong yumi i slou olsem Grin Sneil i save wokabaut long lip bilong diwai inap wanpela yia olgeta.


Ailan Blo Mi-My Island Home!


This website will also introduce some up and coming musicians and artists of my beautiful island of Mwanus and their different ways of life.It will also feature some stories, legends and even  current developments happening in Mwanus Province.

Keni Lucas Ponyalou is one of the most talented Mwanusian -musician with  countless number of albums that have been produced over the years.He is still creating music and is due to release soon.Keep a look out for his new album titled "O' Arise ".Keni says the songs in this album are basically about our daily life in general, about love, struggles, longing for peace in our Beautiful island Manus and the whole of PNG.This is what he had to say about the album:

Maus Bilong Chauka!

The background music you're listening to is from the recent  O'Arise album by Keni LP titled "Pwalapwal Eyo" refers to the loss he encountered of his close cousin.I'd  also like to fondly remember my cousin and the person who have through all his life have pushed me to where I am today.. I called  him papa..Mr Siten Pomat, may he rest in eternal peace , till we meet again.

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